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In addition to 40 years of unblemished track record, J. Burrow distinguishes itself by its focus on four objectives which pursued together are critical in achieving success in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects, programmes and solutions.

Fit for Purpose Solutions

In the resource constrained world, where needs are infinite and financial and skilled human resources are finite, it is not only important to prioritize infrastructure development but it is also essential to ensure the efficiency of resource allocation by developing and implementing solutions which are appropriate for the requirement. Utilizing experience, tools and techniques developed over time and by cultivating and maintaining a listening culture in our company, we seek to truly understand the real requirements in a given situation and develop appropriate solutions. These solutions are not only responsive to specific needs but also integrate the constraints of the given circumstances and ensure that the projects are implemented in a sustainable way. In so doing, we innovate not simply for the sake of innovation, but to achieve the objective of a well planned and well resourced sustainable solution.

Risk Mitigation and Management

All human endeavors are fraught with risk. The key to achieving success is to recognize risks, understand them and rigorously implement a plan to manage them. A robust mitigation plan will allocate risks in a transparent manner to those who are best equipped to manage them, insure those risks that are not transferable and actively manage those risks that are neither transferable nor insurable. Active risk mitigation and management requires continuous monitoring of all risks until the project or programme has been completed.

We adopt a set of simple principles in managing risk:

Seek to know what you do not know by questioning each and every assumption. Allocate experienced people to manage risk as machines, models and techniques are not the answer. Be very transparent in allocating risk and communicate openly with all stakeholders. Apply consistent rigorous approaches to risk management. Use common sense as it is better to be approximately correct than be accurately wrong.

Attention to detail and diversity of experience we bring to bear through the depth and breadth of knowledge of our people. These essential elements is what enables us to successfully mitigate and manage risks.

Sustainable Development

With over 40 years of track record we are proud to be able to refer to so many of our projects that have withstood the test of time. Delivery of municipal services based on physical infrastructure is only a means to a more important end; that of enhancing the standard and quality of life of the population. While our assignments are often only to plan, design and supervise construction of an item of infrastructure or implement a programme, we are very mindful of the fact that solutions we deliver must be sustainable over many decades and must possibly fulfill multiple objectives.

Sustainable development to us means, in no particular order of importance:
Technically achievable
Economically feasible
Financially affordable
Environmentally responsible
Institutionally manageable

We recognize the inherent conflicts that arise in integrating such a diverse set of agenda items, but success in this endeavor is essential to ensuring the sustainability of the solution.

Capacity Building

One of the key lessons learnt over the last several decades is that physical infrastructure will degrade over time and will become useless very quickly if human and institutional capacity is not developed in parallel to the infrastructure. The capacity must be developed not only to operate and maintain the infrastructure but also to generate the social and economic activity that can then affordably and efficiently utilize the infrastructure. To strengthen capacity building, we not only integrate operation, maintenance and management considerations in project planning and design from the outset, but also incorporate requirements for maximizing local participation, inclusion of local content and implementation of training and skills transfer activity.

We ourselves can demonstrate the adoption of these principles in the work we do. We implement a philosophy of maximizing local content and development of local professional capacity. We pride ourselves in having contributed to the development of local consulting engineering and project management capacity in several countries over the last forty years.

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